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Bal Snehalay

The United Nations defines a street child as, “Any child for whom the street is the habitual abode and/or a source of livelihood.”

It is estimated that there are 250,000 such street children in Mumbai alone. These children perform such menial unskilled jobs as rag picking, scavenging garbage, polishing shoes, selling drugs, or begging.

This type of exploitative life produces such negative effects as stunted growth, increased susceptibility to disease, and psychological scarring.

This work also deprives the children of an education that will allow them the mental growth necessary to escape this degradation.

Balsnehalya was started on 14th November 2014 by Rain bow foundation to offer shelter and care to this group of children in difficulty.

24 boys between the ages of 6 and 15 are housed, fed, educated and clothed in a spacious, stand-alone three storey building in Thane west. A skeleton staff and  caretaker look after their daily needs. The children attend the Municipality school.




Today a reader
Tomorrow a leader
Reading is to mind, what
Exercise is to the body
Imagine spending a childhood without any book to indulge in
Unfortunately, this is the very sorry situation, children from low-income families find themselves in…
Where there are no public libraries and what so ever and books too expensive an indulgence for them…

We, the

Rainbow Foundation

family, realised the impact of reading books at an impressionable thanx to our own experience at BAL SNEHALAY (orphanage home) Thane.

So we decided to set up a community library and giving wings to the minds and dreams of these children.
A community library at Belgaon Dhaga( Nashik) with a aim of taking reading to the most underprivileged society, empowering them with a space of their own for the battles ahead in the competitive world…..
Please join us by donating books and resources and help these children get into this magic world of books.

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